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Today's the day! The apocalypse is here!

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Sooooo how you all enjoying the zombie apocalypse

I haven't looked out my window yet, but I can only imagine it's filled with a breath taking view of fire, brimstone, zombies, and other happy things.

BTW, check out that creepy dude's tiny tiny black beady eyes.  He is one scary looking dude.

What are with all these crazy dooms day prophecies recently

Cross Stitched Zombie:
Sigh, you are not supposed to predict doom within your own lifetime.

@CSZ- It would be really scary if the lady ended up being right. And you really shouldn't predict the end of the world in your own life time., but if you do at least give yourself a few more years.

Predicting the end of the world isn't really new.

Around the year 1,000 people were flipping out to the point they wouldn't bother building anything out of stone for a while because why bother.... worlds going to end.

Next end of the world prediction as far as I know is the Mayan Calendar one.  That should be interesting.


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