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Futurama Undead: Morbo The Annihilator

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Like bender they would not be zombies but it would certainly be a chance to push their own agendas on their fellow robots

Actually I'd go with the robots not being able to be turned into zombies and have them fighting over looting the remains of society.

I did one of Bender already that I was pretty happy with.

This comic according to my stats was incredibly popular.  I wish I could capture that "Lightning In a bottle" with every comic. I'd be rich by now.  Oh well.

Zombie class picture of the Orphanarium ...

Aaaaaw that poor little girl with the ear on her head.... zombified.

Breaks my cold dead black heart.

Zombie children are frightening I still maintain this argument carter if zombie children still bother you have them be the zits equivalent there all full of togetherness and that orphinarium they live in probably has enough lead paint to protect them from the radiation that probably caused zombie-isim 


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