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Futurama Undead: Morbo The Annihilator

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I love doing these, but eventually I'm going to run out of main character to draw.  Eventually I'll be down to.... that Whale Biologist guy who takes care of Mushu, the whale who thinks he's better than you.

Then I'll be sad.

Ah there are still some cool side characters to draw... let me think... hmm well there is the robot devil and robot preacher you know they would have something to say about the Apocalypse they've been rating it for god knows how long. I bet that reoccurring truck stop/trucker character who always gives lela crap would do alright in a zombie Apocalypse. I always picture him like the rednecks of utah, way too prepared for that sort of thing... like my dad with his 27 rifles cause he thinks them government people are commin to come take his guns away... along with a shell reloader. Like I said before my family is just waiting for the zombie outbreak to start.

hmm morbo has it pretty bad with that big brain of him but just imagine how screwed that race of giant floating brains would be if they came floating in to take over the world during a level three outbreak.

Just think of all you can do with the mutants and orphans. Except most of them are already pretty close to undead creatures of horror.

the mutants would either be really good against the zombies or the cause of them

I can see that.  I do like the idea of the robot devil and robot preacher having a throw down during the apocalypse.  That would be fun to draw.


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