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Yeah, the reason my last two posts don't seem to have anything is because the site I got them from, like funnyjunk and a few other, doesn't like sharing its images.

Anyway, this one isn't an actual comic, but it's still a really good read if you have the time.
I hadn't been keeping up with it for a while (one of the very many which I'm behind on) so I'm actually catching up with it now. Considering that I'm currently 50 pages behind, I'm taking it slowly.

I might as well post a link to another awesome webcomic.

And while I'm at it, I've been listening to and loving this.
You can listen to it while you read the adventures of Zee Captain and his minions.

We all like Left 4 Dead here, right? Well, because I love you guys and would probably forget about this if I waited, here's a little L4D comic.



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