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Redbox has "Dead Island"

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I've only played Gears 1.  How are the sequels?

Both sequels are awesome. Gears 2 gave us Horde mode, which to be truthful is about the only thing that really keep it from declining, in which you fight wave after wave of Locust. Gears 3 gives us improved Versus and Horde modes and also gives us Beast mode where you are the Locust. And that's just the general multiplayer. The stories in both games are pretty kick ass. If you ever get them (which might be a bit tricky if you're going to rent them from redbox) and have Xbox Live, I'd love to play with you.

I'd happily play you, but my video game time is so limited now as to be non-existent.  Every waking moment is about the comic or remodeling the house.

I hope that changes someday soon or I will be filled with the sadness.


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