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Cross Stitched Zombie:
Zomg! is my favorite scent company. I have The Melancholy Death of Nikola Tesla, but I also want The Melancholy Re-Animation of Nikola Tesla.

Love the t-shirt.  I should get that for my kids.... yes the children... or me.

The scented candle thing has got to be the craziest product I've ever seen.  Funny though.

Cross Stitched Zombie:
It's actually perfume. The Melancholy Death of Nikola Tesla is a little old fashioned scent but it's nice. My favorites are Wrestling Tigers While Calling Your Mom Long Distance which has a hint of Coca Cola, Sugar Dragon which is sweet with incense, and Soft Lavender Cake.

Another one I would like to have is Elder Spice Cake which has "ELDER SPICES THAT MAN WAS NOT MEANT TO USE."

While not strictly zombie related, I've found a fun site that speaks to the immaturity, erm I mean youthful excitement most of us seem to share.  And while I am fascinated with the colored bubbles and light up bubble gun, they do have some halloween related
 items now that include zombie fun, such as

and an old favorite

Nom Skulls are awesome.  Going to have to hint around to the wife for Christmas about that one.

Oh and Cross-stitch  I don't know what "Elder Spices" smell like, but I'm picturing Vanilla and Sandalwood.... The most maddening of scents.


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