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The Rules

1.  Don't be a dick
This "SHOULD" be obvious, but still needs to be said.  Don't be a dick.  Look there are over six billion people on this planet.  Everyone has there own opinion of things and they probably don't agree with you nor you with them.

Never the less, be polite when on the forum.  Don't say things to people you wouldn't say to them in real life.  Don't be a troll, don't be a dick.

2.  NO PORN!, No NSFW stuff, No "Hot Girl/Guy" threads
Look I like boobs as much as the next guy (Probably more so), but this forum is not the place for it.  Even though I try to discourage it my nine year old son and my Mom read my comic.  The internet is full of that type of thing, I just can't have it here.


Don't post porn, or any links to porn, or anything like that or I will track you down and do painful things to you.  I live in Utah, miles and miles and miles of barren desert in which it would be pretty easy for me to hide a body.  I'm just saying.

3.  Nothing Illegal Please
This is a no brainer, but I can't have anything that's illegal on the forum especially when I could be held responsible for it.  I'm short, and I'm pretty.... I wouldn't do well in prison. 

Do not use this forum to distribute any stolen media or goods.  Plagiarism will also not be tolerated.

4.  Racism is bad, don't do it.
Isn't this supposed to be a more enlightened time?  I think we can all behave ourselves and not say or do offensive things because of someone else's race, gender, or sexual orientation.  Be tolerant, be polite.

5.  Swearing.
I don't care if you swear.... within reason.  Did I mention my son and mom read this forum.  So I don't want to see the "F Bomb" dropped all over the place and in depth discussions about your genitalia.  I'd appreciate it if well all self moderate that type of thing.

6.  Good forum behavior please.
Stick to forum topics, don't resurrect old threads, don't insult people,  Don't say anything you wouldn't say with your kindly old grandmother watching.

7.  Plugging yourself
I'm not against people plugging their stuff, but if that's the ONLY reason you've come to the forum It's going to piss me off.

Now if you are an active member of the community, that's different and we happily promote things for friends of "The Zombie Nation"

7.  Keep Things Small
Please don't post GINORMOUS pictures or fifty pictures at a time.  Keep your signatures small... etc.

Just use common sense please.

NOTE: Running a forum is a new experience for me.  I'm sure I'm bound to make some mistakes, so please don't be offend if I screw something up.  Any help you can give me running this thing is appreciated

My whole goal with this is to foster a fun environment that other like minded zombie fans can come together and share.  Lets all keep this friendly and fun.

Thanks for all your support.   ;D


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