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@#$*!! Spammers


The boards been the target of spammers lately.  Thanks to all of you who've reported the activity.  I really appreciate that and it helps me stay on top of this stuff.

I hate spammers with a fiery hate I usually reserve for ex-spouses, politicians, and end of year taxes.

I spent all of my time yesterday that I could have been posting fun stuff clearing out these bogus spam accounts.

Looks like I'm going to need to tighten up the sign in requirements.  Sorry about this to any new people.

Yeah I have had a few problems with them as well. I tried to take care of a few of the threads myself when I find them. Everyone keep up on reporting them when you see them.  Luckily we arent so big that they slip by us that easily.

I just made it so people have to answer a few questions to join the forum.  If they read the comic it shouldn't be to hard.  I hope that works.

On a side note spammers from the Ukraine and China love us!  I've never felt so popular with people who want to sell me viagra.  My self esteem is awesome right now.  ;D

I saw two yesterday, but I'll be keeping an eye out for anymore that you guys might miss.

Thanks, I hate these people so much it's a physical pain.


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