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You have to see this one


I'm not sure if you meant video games to go in this section or not. It looked like the best place at the time. Let me know if you want talk of games elsewhere.

Anyway, me wants  http://www.fearnet.com/videos/b23610_rise_of_nightmares_red_band_trailer.html

Of course it would be on the Kinect, which I don't have. Although it is good to see something on the Kinect that isn't  completely aimed toward families or kids under twelve.

I like the idea of this game, in theory, but using the Kinnect seems odd.  How many people own that thing.  I don't.  Aren't they limiting the sales of this game like crazy?

Also I play very very few survival horror games as it is.  I can't stand having limited ammo.  It fills me with uncontrollable anxiety.

I think that's why I like Left 4 dead so much.  I can blast away till my heart's content.


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