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What would you like on your gravestone?

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I know it's not something everyone wants to think about, but what would you like on it?

I would like something like "Was Awesome!"

:D Really though I would like it to just say that I was a good man who lived a humble life.

It mostly depends on how I die. If I die after doing something totally epic, I'd want it to say something like "He hit the high point of his life, then came crashing back down." If I die doing something really stupid, I want it to say "Do not/Never ..." then whatever stupid thing I did. And if I die of old age and everyone thinks I'm crazy anyway, I could probably whip up something cryptic that will leave all who read it utterly confused. :)

I want mine to say.  "He's not really in here.  After what he did, we couldn't find any parts of him"

'' Died in battle with giant ninja,zombie,pirate,robot,ghost Tiger Raptor''

Thats the way i'm going to die hopefully. 

How about... "He died doing what he loved.... Making our lives difficult"

Or  "We're all going to miss Zombiecarter but nobody more so than Visa, Mastercard, and America Express"

Before I check out I'm maxing out the cards!  Yee ha!!!


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