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One Bullet left (With a twist)


You and a >>>> friend/relative/significant other <<<< are locked in a bare room(cement walls, one window, one door) with nothing left in your arsenal but a handgun with one bullet left.
The glass is beginning to crack from the pressure of the thousands of zombies outside and around your one story safe house. You've been working so hard to survive for the last 6 months but you both are tired, malnourished, and emotionally drained. This is the end, so what do you do with that one bullet? This gun/bullet combo is not strong enough to go through both of your skulls.

Kill yourself? 
Kill your friend/relative/significant other? 
Kill one more zombie?

Im sure the bullet isn't strong enough to go through two skulls but how about two wrist? im sure we could hold up long enough to bleed out  ;D

Simple.  You club your friend to death with the pistol butt and then blow your brains out.  It's a mercy killing.


You reveal to your friend that you've already been bitten and are starting to "Turn" then you shoot him in the legs so he can't put up a fight when you make him your first meal.

I'm going to hell, I know this.   :(

At least you dont try to deny it carter... heh I know Im a coward I'd probably do something incredibly selfish like ask the other person to strangle me or snap my neck then leave them the gun to do as they please with

i would escape, channeling the spirit of harry houdini
or kill my friend and cover myself in their organs so they think im dead, if zombies dont eat dead people


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