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Stuck in the bathroom

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You're in the bathroom taking care of business when you hear a knock at your door. Being a little backed up you choose to ignore it and whoever it is can come back later. The banging continues and while annoying, you continue with the task at hand. Seconds later the front door comes crashing down and that literally scares the shit right out of you. You zip up as fast as possible and take a peek out of the door when a snapping jaw barely misses your finger as you slam the door closed.

Lets say you are in the average bathroom with normal toiletries and bathroom supplies at your disposal.

As far as you can tell there are at least 5, but possibly more waiting outside the door and you have no window for escape.

How do you battle them with what you have, knowing if they took down your main door the bathroom isn't going to last very long?

Cross Stitched Zombie:
In that situation your pretty much going to die unless you have a gun with you. Too many zombies and too tight quarters. You can do like in Zombieland and use the top of the toilet as a bludgeon, but that only worked because he was fighting one zombie.

Like CSZ said, you're pretty much screwed unless you keep weapons in your bathroom. Although, if you just so happen to have a lighter and keep air freshener (the spray kind) in your bathroom you could use that as a temporary flamethrower until you can grab something better somewhere else.

I'm going to have to agree with Cross Stitch on this one.  That's the only good weapon in my bathroom, but I'm pretty sure I'd die anyway.

Fijiman, I think you're just going to end up with a flaming zombie trying to kill you.  While fun, probably won't last long.

The only thing that comes to mind is rapping myself in toilet paper and trying to sprint out as fast as possible through the restroom. The toilet paper would be little to some kind of protection, but in the grand scheme of things, id end up getting bit  >:(


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