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What mental disorders would you develop during a zombie apocalypse?

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Living in an undead world will cause trauma to most people and the longer one lives alone the more likely they are to develop types of mental disorders. As time goes on, the death toll rises, and the undead slowly take over... which disorders do you believe that you, yourself, are most susceptible to?

I personally believe I would be most likely to develop schizophrenia. I tend to enjoy being around people most of the time and I feel like being stuck in a safe house alone would eventually lead me to living in my head and becoming more imaginative than I already am. And I feel that after that I would find myself projecting these imaginary characters into real life and having verbal conversations with something I perceive to exist out of loneliness.

Cross Stitched Zombie:
I think I would wind up as ocd as the kid in Zombieland. Paranoia definitely even though they really are out to get you. Hoarding would become a survival trait. 

I feel like i would become a very violent and clean person so i think that would have to be ocd. Along with that i would probably end up going crazy with schizophrenia. I couldn't be in a house all day though, so i would then become very adventurous because in reality i cant be home all day so I would  end up getting cornered and mauled by zombies...

Deep paranoia. That's what it would take to stay alive. If my family was killed, then depression would set in and might just give up.

I'd probably end up with most of the things already mentioned, but I'd probably also end up being a lot more violent then I normally am and stop caring about a lot of things. About eight years of stress buildup plus perfect excuse to beat the crap out of someone equals instant stress relief. :)

Also, knowing how to make simple flamethrowers doesn't help contain my inner pyromaniac.


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