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You have been on vacation for a week at the beach. Gruesome murders have started occurring in your vacation area and the nation is in belief that there is some sort of cult demonstration based on how destroyed the bodies are. You decided to end your vacation early and while packing your things to leave a popular radio host uses the word "undead" which turns the entire place into a larger frenzy than it already is in. You are now caught in the mass escape, which funny enough moves at next to zero MPH on the highway.

While the rest of the idiots on the road do not seem to have plan, you know where you are going. Your bug out location is a secluded area near your house. It's fully loaded for this situation, but sadly it is also still a 6 hour drive away from your vacation destination. Looking in the rear view mirror you see them working their way towards you, hundreds of slow walking undead peeling through the cars one by one killing anything they can get their hands on. People are beginning to get out of their cars and run, the screams of those behind you are getting close... you need to act.

Here is where you find yourself.
Gridlock on the highway, a 6 hour drive (330 miles at 55mph) from your bug out location.
Your car is trapped on the highway.
You have whatever you had with you on your beach vacation.

What moves do you make in order to ensure you and your family's survival? What steps do you take to make the trip to your safe house?

We own a jeep for a reason. Who needs highways and paved roads ;)

well, get out and walk, it would be faster, then when further along, carjack someone, using climbing crampons, threaten to hammer them into them, and then go to the safe house,

Well unless I bought a souvenir crowbar or something for some strange reason, there's not much else I can do but run. After that it's just a day or two journey back home. That can't be that bad, can it?

get out of the car get my stuff out of the trunk run to the front of the highway steal a car and drive away....
(if on bridge)
jump off the side of the bridge into the water...
(if near wood's)
make a run for the wood's with my stuff....  ;D


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