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If zombies are brain eaters... how do they populate?

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read a great book, the zombies ate the brains and got their memories, and had zombie 'families' where they would adopt baby zombies, and this one zombie eats this girls boyfriend and fall in love with her

warm bodies, i just realised i found out about it from this site, loved the book, good read, hope they dont butcher the film, love how as the zombies become more human they speed up and get smarter, but as they become more inhuman the same thing happens

That's awesome, anything that breaks up the same old boring zombie cliches I'm all over.

yeah same, like i read one where zombies were basically immortal, not rotting, but they had to eat internal organs, liver heart kidneys and brain, to survive

I get in arguments with zombie purists all the time. 

People get so stubborn about this, it has to be slow and stupid, basically....

"If it's not exactly how Romero did it then it's not a zombie."

The problem with that is that they have no idea what Romero zombies are actually capable of.

They use tools: Night/Land of the Dead
Speak and Salute: Day of the Dead
Can operate a car (sort of) and ride a horse: Survival of the dead (Also this movie was pure garbage)
Use weapons: Land/Survival/Dawn of the Dead

That's why I like anything that breaks up the "Monotony of the dead"... That would make a good movie title actually.


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