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If zombies are brain eaters... how do they populate?

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This has always been a question on my mind, about the idea that zombies eat brains. If a zombie ate your brain, you would not become a zombie... the brain would have been punctured and thus the zombie could not form. Where does the idea of zombies being only "brain eaters' come from and how did they explain how new zombies were formed?

My guess is just the movies, but still when something needs to be shot in the brain to be killed, and a bite infects and creates more... in no way should it eat the brains of its victims.

That is a certain genre of zombie, one that doesn't see the brain as the control point. There are many types of zombie genres of zombie.

you actually see this more in the zombie films where the head shot does not a re-dead zombie make. There are a few zombie movies out there where even if you decapitated the head the zombie would still be coming at you. Most zombies films now a day the zombies seem intent on getting flesh not necessarily the brain... Another thing that you'll sometimes see in those films is that not every body gets up again only the ones that have not been completely torn apart thus still in possession of their brain

I think it's an issue of if the brain is actually eaten or not. Many of the infected become so by a bite or in some cases a scratch. Perhaps the victims that are ripped to shreds or have the brain served tartar end up not coming back to life. Instead they just die a horrifying death. It's the ones that crawl away or otherwise escape brain drainage that turn.

This means not everyone becomes a zombie, but due to the fact food would eventually run out regardless, does it matter so much?

The brain eating..... This question always comes up eventually.  I even made http://www.thezombienation.com/2011/09/08/more-brains-a-return-to-the-living-dead-trailer-2011-hd/ about it the other day.

The root of the brain eating zombies comes from "Return of the Living Dead"  I love that movie.  But those zombies are way different than your Romero zombies.

Some helpful Q/A about ROTLD

Q: Why do zombies eat brains?
A: To stop the pain of being dead… It hurts to be dead. Apparently brains are the ultimate pain killer. This is straight from the zombie’s mouth (Literally)

Q: But if they eat brains, won’t that keep more zombies from being created.
A: In “ROTLD” zombies are created by exposure to Trioxin 245 gas, not by being bitten by a zombie. Don’t worry it’s just Trioxin gas you have to worry about being exposed too… You can still eat that tasty bean burrito I know your craving right now…. mmmm burritos.

Q: Doesn’t a headshot kill a zombie?
A: Not a “ROTLD” zombie. It doesn’t do jack. Nothing less than complete destruction of the body will stop the zombie, however, this has the tragic side effect of releasing more Trioxin in the air and causing more zombies. Your pretty much screwed.

Q: But aren’t zombies slow and stupid?
A: Nope they’re pretty spry little buggers, they run, scream, have coherent conversations, and are capable of reasoning out how to kill you no matter where your hiding… And they are impossible to kill. Yeah! We’re still screwed.


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