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Start of the infection: Murder or Zombie Slaying?

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Lets say you come across one of the first zombies. No one knows of the outbreak but there are witnesses watching this crazed man chase and attempt to bite people.

Do you kill him and face the fact that you may be brought in for murder and jailed when the outbreak occurs (pretty much guaranteeing your death), or do you walk away and let him bite whomever and letting who knows how many get infected.

Screw strangers. In a all out zombie survival senerio it tends to be every man to themselves. Me I am heading home quickly to move my things up to the addict and prepare my family for the worst while I leave the tv on with news playing to listen for any more attacks. Sure I'd call up a few friends while I work to warn them but you cant save everyone. Sounds selfish but the start of an outbreak is for the authorities

I would probably have to let the zombie go by for the time being because chances are I won't have something handy to kill it with.

I would yell "zombie!!!" freak out and allow every one else to follow my lead. if they didnt believe me, id head for Yosemite with a rifle and all the granola bars in the world.

I submit a third option:

Smash his knees to bloody ruins with something heavy.  You can't be tried for murder if he's alive.  And if he's a zombie... well if a zombie can't chase you, he's not a threat.


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