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While not strictly zombie, I know how much everyone loves H.P.

"...director Frank H. Woodward (The Splat Pack: A Wyrd Documentary) has put together what could be the definitive documentary on the horror pioneer. And Woodward's enlisted all the right people to offer their take on the man and his work, including disciples like John Carpenter, Guillermo Del Toro, Neil Gaiman, Stuart Gordon, and Ramsey Campbell; as well as historian S.T. Joshi, probably the leading Lovecraft expert in the world today. "

That is also currently streaming on Netflix.  I just watched it a while back... it's pretty dang good.

I must possess it.

*droools* I want it! Man I hate being a poor college student sometimes... ok most times. Those are some pretty impressive names attached to that documentary. Maybe if I am lucky fearnet will put it up on their channel for on demand and I can watch it there

Netflix.... Ten bucks a month.  I got rid of cable and this is all I have now.  Never looking back.  It's cheaper and fits my overly busy work schedule.

Ive been pushing my family to that but they are rather slow to move in the direction of progress


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