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@CSZ: That was a good read. Thanks.

@LadyBelle: I wanted to watch that, but Vimeo apparently does not like my computer at all. I probably only got ten frames of the video over seven minutes and half the time the audio sounded like some one was trying to summon some sort of robotic demon whale.

@VGcatsfan: When I wasn't slightly cringing from a few of the things they did, I was laughing. Nice find. ;)

And now for some more random crap that I find. (warning this one is fairly creepy and probably should not be viewed after dark. unless you really want to)
(warning, this one is just silly)

@Fijiman I cant even play most Vimeo videos. I'm not sure if it's because I run firefox or if I should just take it personal. You'd think they would widen their audience as much as possible by making it accessible.

@LadyBelle: Well isn't that interesting, I use Firefox as well. I just figured that my internet was crapping out again because it does that on some cites with a lot of other stuff going on, but if you're also having trouble then it's definitely a problem on their part.

Also, this ( is for any Elder Scrolls fans out there.

How did you find a video of ME?!  Damn that was funny.

I have to get a huge buffer for the comic, because when Skyrim comes out I'm going to disappear for quite a while.

Lol, Carter. ;D When November comes I'll be very distracted by Skyrim and then Halo Anniversary (which comes out four day later) until at least the end of December.

And because my computer has been slow as hell today (I'm serious, I got on at 5pm my time, had to restart it not long after that, it's now 10 and I still haven't been able to do almost anything) and I'm too lazy/tired to find anything else, here is something random and funny.

 Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to sleep now and hope that the computer works better tomorrow. *slams head on desk and falls asleep*


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