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Serious Zombie Talk / Combating zombifieid animals
« on: September 07, 2011, 08:56:34 AM »
What types of strategies would go into combating zombified animals? All creatures could now be a threat and even the once gentle herbavories have become bloodthirsty killers. Bambi is now after your blood... how do we fight back?

General Discussion / What would you like on your gravestone?
« on: September 07, 2011, 08:55:41 AM »
I know it's not something everyone wants to think about, but what would you like on it?

I would like something like "Was Awesome!"

:D Really though I would like it to just say that I was a good man who lived a humble life.

Serious Zombie Talk / One Bullet left (With a twist)
« on: September 07, 2011, 08:55:09 AM »
You and a >>>> friend/relative/significant other <<<< are locked in a bare room(cement walls, one window, one door) with nothing left in your arsenal but a handgun with one bullet left.
The glass is beginning to crack from the pressure of the thousands of zombies outside and around your one story safe house. You've been working so hard to survive for the last 6 months but you both are tired, malnourished, and emotionally drained. This is the end, so what do you do with that one bullet? This gun/bullet combo is not strong enough to go through both of your skulls.

Kill yourself? 
Kill your friend/relative/significant other? 
Kill one more zombie?

Serious Zombie Talk / Stuck in the bathroom
« on: September 07, 2011, 08:54:40 AM »
You're in the bathroom taking care of business when you hear a knock at your door. Being a little backed up you choose to ignore it and whoever it is can come back later. The banging continues and while annoying, you continue with the task at hand. Seconds later the front door comes crashing down and that literally scares the shit right out of you. You zip up as fast as possible and take a peek out of the door when a snapping jaw barely misses your finger as you slam the door closed.

Lets say you are in the average bathroom with normal toiletries and bathroom supplies at your disposal.

As far as you can tell there are at least 5, but possibly more waiting outside the door and you have no window for escape.

How do you battle them with what you have, knowing if they took down your main door the bathroom isn't going to last very long?

Living in an undead world will cause trauma to most people and the longer one lives alone the more likely they are to develop types of mental disorders. As time goes on, the death toll rises, and the undead slowly take over... which disorders do you believe that you, yourself, are most susceptible to?

I personally believe I would be most likely to develop schizophrenia. I tend to enjoy being around people most of the time and I feel like being stuck in a safe house alone would eventually lead me to living in my head and becoming more imaginative than I already am. And I feel that after that I would find myself projecting these imaginary characters into real life and having verbal conversations with something I perceive to exist out of loneliness.

Serious Zombie Talk / Gridlock
« on: September 07, 2011, 08:53:43 AM »
You have been on vacation for a week at the beach. Gruesome murders have started occurring in your vacation area and the nation is in belief that there is some sort of cult demonstration based on how destroyed the bodies are. You decided to end your vacation early and while packing your things to leave a popular radio host uses the word "undead" which turns the entire place into a larger frenzy than it already is in. You are now caught in the mass escape, which funny enough moves at next to zero MPH on the highway.

While the rest of the idiots on the road do not seem to have plan, you know where you are going. Your bug out location is a secluded area near your house. It's fully loaded for this situation, but sadly it is also still a 6 hour drive away from your vacation destination. Looking in the rear view mirror you see them working their way towards you, hundreds of slow walking undead peeling through the cars one by one killing anything they can get their hands on. People are beginning to get out of their cars and run, the screams of those behind you are getting close... you need to act.

Here is where you find yourself.
Gridlock on the highway, a 6 hour drive (330 miles at 55mph) from your bug out location.
Your car is trapped on the highway.
You have whatever you had with you on your beach vacation.

What moves do you make in order to ensure you and your family's survival? What steps do you take to make the trip to your safe house?

This has always been a question on my mind, about the idea that zombies eat brains. If a zombie ate your brain, you would not become a zombie... the brain would have been punctured and thus the zombie could not form. Where does the idea of zombies being only "brain eaters' come from and how did they explain how new zombies were formed?

My guess is just the movies, but still when something needs to be shot in the brain to be killed, and a bite infects and creates more... in no way should it eat the brains of its victims.

Serious Zombie Talk / Start of the infection: Murder or Zombie Slaying?
« on: September 07, 2011, 08:52:42 AM »
Lets say you come across one of the first zombies. No one knows of the outbreak but there are witnesses watching this crazed man chase and attempt to bite people.

Do you kill him and face the fact that you may be brought in for murder and jailed when the outbreak occurs (pretty much guaranteeing your death), or do you walk away and let him bite whomever and letting who knows how many get infected.

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