The great battle between the living dead and the unusually living begins.

I had a good time drawing the Zombies and Survivors shooting each other, but it seams it is once again time for more gratuitous violence. Let’s see if the furry community fairs better against the zombie apocalypse.

For those of you who like to mix your genres, there’s always Night of the furry Dead. (Thanks, Todd, for the link. It seamed very appropriate to post it today, what with battle looming and all.)

P.S. To any furries offended by today’s strip… ah come on! It’s kinda funny. If if makes you feel better I make fun of myself at least as much if not more so than you.

Can I at least ask that if your going to punch me for this joke at least don’t do it in the face….. My incredibly manly and devastatingly handsome face. 🙂