In a zombie safe house you generally don’t expect to have extras from the movie “Deliverance” pointing shotguns at your face. Incidentally I mentioned the “Squeal like a piggy” reference to a couple twenty something friends of mine and was deeply saddened that they didn’t get it. I feel incredibly old sometimes….. all the time. Thankfully I’m still very immature so it kind of balances out.

Zombie safe house, a subject of much discussion on these here interwebs. What exactly does it take to protect yourself from the undead.

  • Food
  • Water
  • Protection
  • Heat
  • Cheerleaders

These are all very important things, depending on the capabilities of the zombies your needs for a zombie safe house are going to vary.  If you’re being menaced by a George Romero style zombie then you can probably get away with simply boarding up your windows and hunkering down till they rot away.

However if you are facing zombies from say… Return of the Living Dead... you are going to die.  Time to relocate.  But where?  Here’s some less than helpful ideas for places to stay during the zombpocalypse

  • The mall  (It’s going to suck when the power goes off)
  • Wallmart (Have you seen who goes to Walmart… I’ll take the zombies)
  • The Mountains  (Zombies like mountains too)
  • Offshore boat or oil rig (You’re going to starve to death)
  • Superman’s fortress of solitude (Superman is a lousy room mate and insists on being the bigger spoon during snuggle time… Not cool)

Never-the-less a temporary zombie safe house if probably a good idea at least to regroup.