Zombie hipsters in theory should be horrified at being compared to zombies.

Hipsters are supposedly counter culture and all about anti consumerism while zombies were famously used by George Romero as criticism of consumerism run amok. But I’m sorry folks when you start seeing large amounts of people doing something all the same way the comparison to zombies is going to get made. I am pretty amused at the growing animosity people have towards zombie hipsters these days though.

I’ll be honest. I’m old, I don’t understand Hipsters, let alone zombie hipsters. It seems like a very silly trend to me. I mean I do understand the weird urge humans have to act and look like a certain group while at the same time professing to be unique. That’s not really new, it’s called being a teenager and everyone hopefully grows out of it.

Still as a nation of zombies we must embrace the zombie hipsters. I even did a comic about them earlier which I thought was kind of funny. You can check it out here. This was some fun fan art to add hipsters to a new version of “Left 4 Dead”  which I’d still pay a lot of money to see.

If there is one feature that I would beg Valve Software to put in their “Left 4 Dead” games it would be the ability to easily add and customize your own zombie types to fight against in the game.   Most games let you customize your characters, why not simply give us the option to customize the zombies.  Theres no reason to have them all blend together like a giant horde of…. well… zombies.