Your zombie fortress will be your doom.  Don’t worry about the zombies outside, fear the survivors inside as they will be the one’s who will get you killed.  I love zombie movies, but they always have this one overbearing flaw.

You find yourself super safe and secure in your zombie fortress, you have plenty of food and guns, and beverages of your choice.  Life’s pretty good right?  Just wait for the zombies to rot away.

Nope, because now you’ve got to worry about the people you are cooped up with and according to EVERY SINGLE ZOMBIE MOVIE I’ve ever seen it’s almost guaranteed that they are idiots.

  • “Day of the Dead” has the character Miguel losing his crap and just letting all the zombies in to feast on everyone.  They were perfectly safe till then.
  • “Dawn of the Dead” the remake should get some sort of award for bone headed decisions that get people killed.  There are too many to point out and everyone dies (Spoilers).
  • Then of course there is the granddaddy of them all “Night of the Living Dead”  the character Ben is the hero of the movie who boards up the house.  That’s a good plan, but it’s actually Mr. Cooper who has the correct plan of staying in the safe basement.  These two cant get along…. so everyone dies. (Spoilers)

I’ve determined that if I find myself in a zombie fortress during the coming zombie apocalypse the first time anyone starts making suggestions about going outside or they start looking like they’re going crazy.  Bam! Back of the head with a hammer when no one is looking.

That’s simple self preservation….. totally not murder.  Don’t you judge me.


On a minor note about today’s comic.  The joke is actually on the “Nigerian Prince” as money will be utterly worthless during any type of zombie apocalypse.