Zombie Cliches #2 Deny the zombie. Yeah, you deny that zombies are real, that’ll save you. I recently watched “The Walking Dead” season 2 so prepare yourselves for some minor spoilers.

Are you ready? It’s not that big of a spoiler, but Herschal keeps walkers in the barn in a misguided belief that they aren’t zombies they are just sick people. Despite him seeing all sorts of crazy crap and having medical knowledge himself, Herschal manages to convince himself that they are still alive, just dangerous. Evedence suggests that Herschel is either insane or dumb. What the crap? I will give “The Walking Dead” credit for writing Herschel’s comeuppance really well though. Kirkman does handle the zombie cliches well.

But you see these zombie cliches a lot in zombie movies. Oh you see it in other monster movies as well, but it’s only in zombie movies that the characters denying that zombies exist gets stretched well past the reasonable point. That is totally ridiculous.

I saw some terrible vampire movie recently. All it took was the main character noticing bite marks on a victim and he jumps to the conclusion, vampires are real. Now contrast that with a zombie movie and they will spend half the movie getting picked off one by one and someone still won’t believe in zombies.

Why is that I ask you? Are people really that dumb? No, no they aren’t, but the people who write zombie movies think that you are. That is really annoying.

My long winded rambling point is that lets assume people are smarter than that in movies. Then we can have less time focused on unrealistic zombie cliches of silly character reactions and we can skip to the part where they make poor life choices and everyone gets killed.

That reminds me next time I’ll write about how characters should stop making so many stupid choices.