Zombie Bites almost always spell horrific doom unless the offending limb is amputated.  If you get bit by a zombie anywhere else though just…. just… jump off a bridge or something.  Because you are screwed.

Why are zombies bites so lethal?  You get bit by a zombie you become one same as a vampire or a werewolf.  You know what don’t get bit by monsters.  It’s a really really bad idea.  Okay maybe you can get bitten by the Creature from the Black Lagoon.  I’m pretty sure it’ll hurt, but you won’t become one.  That’s a shame though as there are too few of those.  I like that movie.

Anyway, the idea of zombie bites being so lethal comes from Night of the Living Dead of course.  George Romero’s rules of zombiism are if you die for any reason, you become a zombie.  Or if a zombie bites you, you turn and become a zombie right away.  Why this is, is never explained.  Night of the living dead makes a reference to radiation from a space probe as a likely cause of the dead coming back to life.  Maybe just maybe  when you get bit by a zombie you get a concentrated dose of said radiation.  Sound plausible? Not really?

Okay how about this.  When a zombie bites you, you become a zombie for one very important reason.  It makes zombies scarier.  Take that ability away from zombies and you have a bunch of awkward smelly weak monsters that are easily gunned down.  Not very scary.  Make them highly infectious though and you’ll wet yourself when you see them coming.

A monster that infects it’s prey to create more monsters taps into all our fears of paranoia, disease, and our own inevitable demise.  That and it’s just plain cool.

I for one look forward to administering zombie bites to all those around me when I “turn.”