I’ve been playing Angry Birds every time I’ve been….. Let’s call it being “Busy” or possibly “Me Time”.  Oooh! I’ve got it “Busy Me time!”  No wait that’s too long.  Damnit I need and acronym for that.  I’ll call what I do… something something… time.”

Look It’s late and I’m getting very silly tired right now.  Sorry about that, however, I refuse to edit when I write these posts.


I love Angry Birds, what’s not to love right?  You launch birds to their ultimate doom as they crush, kill, and maim pigs.  It’s the best.  Also I am easily amused.

Well also I got my hands on some very nice brush tools recently and had to give them a try.  And that’s where we get zombie Angry Birds.  Honestly adding zombie to the title of anything makes it about a hundred times better.  Plus launching zombified Angry Birds into a pile of zombie pigs would be hilarious.  This is my zombie Angry Birds fan art.

Did I mention I was easily amused?