A zombie ex-wife is way more scary than a live one because it combines the relentless endurance of the zombie with the terrifying cannibalistic evil of an ex-wife.  The combination is so potent it has been known to drive lesser men to madness.

I’ve been looking for a way to bring Lovecraft’s ex-wife Sheila back into the comic.  I’ve given her character a slight art upgrade, but I assure you she is still very very dangerous.


This is where I always feel compelled to put a disclaimer.

To my own e-wife’s legal team:
The zombie character Sheila is in no way based on your client.  Any behavior similar to that allegedly perpetrated by your client is entirely coincidental.

For example if the character Sheila should say try to kill her ex-husband by throwing a snow globe at his head it would be purely coincidental to the time your client tried to kill me by throwing a snow globe at my head.  Also when Sheila hears crazy voices that tell her to do things…. painful erratic things, this should also be considered coincidental to your own client’s inner voices making her do painful erratic bahavior.

There is no need to sue me or get litigious in any way.  Besides I don’t have any money anyway.