Let’s talk about things I’m legitimately afraid of.  No not my ex-wife this time….. Ba dum dum k’tshshshsshhhhhh!  (Sorry I couldn’t help that.)

I’m talking about ghosts.  I watch zombie movies, read about zombies, and talk about those smelly buggers daily.  But I can’t say I’m actually afraid of them.  I can’t be, they are too easy to kill.  But how do you kill a ghost that comes after you?  Salt?  Look I like Supernatural as much as the next guy but that’s just a show.  I don’t think ghosts obey those rules.

I’ve had a very genuine fear of ghost for as long as I can remember with no end in sight.  I’m even friends with some very nice and enthusiastic “Ghost Hunters” and have gone on ghost tours with them…. Still afraid of them.

So I rewatched The Ring again recently.  And I’m not embarrassed to admit that I shrieked a bit and may have soiled myself.  So I had that movie on the brain when I was drawing this comic.