Ah the poor spurned and jealous Commander, he shall get his revenge. And it looks like Lovecraft is going to soon have a bad day.

Soooooo…. Why is it that every scary thing involves a “Human” sacrifice?

I’ve never been watching a horror movie where the evil priest whips out a Gerbil and summons something horrible with that. (Slacker Evil Priests)

What? Gerbil sacrifices not good enough for you? I’ll have you know that Gerbils, spiritually speaking, are very similar to humans and are much prized by various evil entities from beyond our reality. They don’t even have to be virgins. In fact the more “experienced” the Gerbil the more valuable it is as a sacrifice.

Lol It is 12:30 for me right now. The later it gets the sillier I get. I could go on and on about the merits of Gerbil sacrifice verses Humans, but I really need sleep and I am getting a wee bit dizzy.

G’night. 🙂