Dude, when a werewolf says to pull his finger…. You better pull that finger.

When I think gothic monsters I think of three things. Zombies, vampires, and werewolves. Of zombies I have a deep and somewhat creepy love for zombies it’s true. Not being a horny teenage girl I don’t care about vampires overly much (The sparkly variety even more so). Next to zombies my second love would probably be the werewolves.

Unfortunately Hollywood does werewolf movies really craptastically (That’s a real word, my spell check says so). It’s usually some shmuck with fur glued to his face,… terrible, just terrible. I really enjoyed the “Underworld” movies because they didn’t do that. I just like a werewolf that’s huge and menacing, not one that looks like I do after not shaving for month.

I am modestly optomistic that this new movie “The Wolfman” won’t suck…. we’ll see.