Before Vampires were sexy they were hideous monsters, they reeked of death and were harbingers of disease.  Before vampires were sexy they had a lot more in common with modern day zombies.  Sadly all that changed with Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” written in 1897.  That’s when you start seeing vampires being elevated from common folk tale monsters to a position as anti-heroes, and sex symbols.

The zombie apocalypse genre owes it’s very existence to vampires as “Night of the Living Dead” was heavily influenced by the novel “I am Legend” written by Richard Matheson.  It’s a novel where everyone in the world has been turned into vampires except for one man.  A great novel by the way and definitely tales a story before vampires were sexy as well.

I personally like hearing the folk tale stories about vampires, because before vampires were sexy they were terrifying.  There were times of mass hysteria in Europe over the horror of vampires at one point.  These days vampires just have to spackle on a thick layer of pastiness and glitter and socially awkward girls will throw themselves at them.

This is patently unfair if you ask me.  I champion the cause of the undead, but to be more specific.  Zombies.  And when it comes to sexiness zombies can’t hold a candle to vampires.  Sadly this was not always the case.

Oh in case you were wondering count Orlok is the name of the vampire in the movie “Nosferatu” which was a rip off of Dracula.  Still a cool movie though.