Vampire drinking with grace and dignity or the lack there of has always bothered me.  I’ve seen so many movies where vampires are portrayed as elegant and refined creatures right up until the point where they have to feed on someone and then inexplicably they can not help but get their food all over themselves.  Blood is down their chin, all over their face, on the walls…

Vampires drinking is always a mess.  Yet we are led to believe these creatures have had hundreds of years to achieve  level of refinement that mere mortals could never hope to match.  Vampire dignity is bull crap.

Look, I like tacos.  I mean I REALLY like tacos.  I would eat tacos every damned day all day if I could.  Strangely enough when I eat a taco my first instinct is NOT to slather it all over my face.  Nor do I spatter the walls and other available services with the precious taco bits.  Nope I carefully and neatly consume each precious bite as if it were the last.

Look I get it vampires drinking has to be gross and visceral to get the audience to feel fear or whatever, but if vampires actually gave a crap about blood as much as they are supposed to then they would be the daintiest most conservative blood drinkers imaginable.

Anyway… Just a note on the comic.  I have clearly let this story arc drag on way too long.  That’s my fault and I need to wrap it up soon.  I’m looking forward to the next story arc where I don’t have to go on and on about boring old vampires anymore.  We’ll be getting back to basics and exploring the zombie apocalypse in progress more and seeing what the world is like.

I’m really looking forward to it.