A Walrus is not a vampire, he is however a delightful house guest and you Madame have offended him greatly.  For shame! For Shame.

I mean that’s not to say that a walrus couldn’t be a vampire if it tried.  I’m sure if it applied itself it would make a very acceptable vampire.  Geez, just think of the bite marks fangs that size would leave.  Kind of gross.  Never the less a walrus is not a vampire… yet.

So I’ve been watching zombie movies lately and came across this dark little film “Revenant.”  An interesting film that started off dark and didn’t let up with the darkness till the end.

Don’t be fooled by the trailer this is not a vampire comedy.  First off it’s not a comedy. And second I think the undead in this film are not a vampire.  He’s not a zombie either though.  Kind of like an interesting mixture of the two.

I’ll be doing a review of this movie shortly, but I can assure you that it is indeed worth your precious eyeball time.  Just don’t go thinking it’s a comedy.  It is not.  It is very very bleak.  But after a weekend where my kids forced me to watch Disney movies all the time it was a nice change of pace.