It is so very late and I’m am so very sleepy.

Still zombies don’t draw themselves… Can you imagine how awesome that would be if they could. I could have a whole entire cadre of zombies chained to their desks pumping out comic after comic relentlessly forever…… I’m giddy just thinking of it.

That’s not that far off of what zombies are about btw. According to Haitian folklore voodoo priests (Bokors) could turn someone into a zombie and that person would basically end up being slave labor on someone’s plantation after that. Not exactly the George Romero zombie of pop culture.

Instead of eating the tasty flesh of the living you are condemned to work in the fields all day, every day. That sucks.

In my never ending quest to be the biggest zombie nerd of them all I’m currently reading about “The Voodoo” Soon I plan on making a whole bunch of voodoo dolls of people I don’t like and sticking them with needles.

There’s going to be a whole bunch of jerks from my old high school who are going to feel some needle stabbin’s very soon. 🙂