Turning into a zombie happens is in almost every zombie story.  Some poor shlub will be bitten by a zombie.  Oh he’s fine at first, maybe he even doesn’t realize the ramifications of what’s about to happen to him.

But eventually he’ll start turning into a zombie and you’ll have to deal with them.

It starts off with the poor victim getting weak, sweaty, kinda cranky almost flue like symptoms.  Then they get worse and worse till they expire.  Now the clock is ticking.  Will they be turning into a zombie quickly or will they wait a while to turn?  I’ve seen movies where the variable time limit to “Turn” is somehow based on the severity of the bite.

I guess that means you get bit on the toe and you’ll be turning into a zombie slowly, but if he chomps down on your face you’ll be turning into a zombie pretty dang quick.  Possibly if a zombie licks you…. Well you may be into some stuff that I don’t want to think about to deeply.  Look I’m not here to judge you.

I think it’s interesting the idea the being bitten by something will turn you into that very thing.  Being bitten by a werewolf will turn you into one, but that may depend on the phases of the moon.  Being bitten by a vampire may turn you into a vampire as well.  Depends on what legend you want to listen to.

Sometimes you have to be bitten once.  Other times it’s a three day ordeal.  Other times you have to get bitten then drink some of the vampires blood.  Vampires are ridiculously complected.  Must have something to do with all that sparkle they where these days.

Compared to that turning into a zombie is a relatively straight forward process.  Zombies are very practical that way.Turning into a zombie soon