The first mosquito of the year invade my home the other day and not being able to find the little monster I stayed up for hours and hours hunting the little horror.  I hunted the little blood sucker for four hours before finally cornering it and sending it back to hell.

My wife finds this somewhat annoying as If I’m going to stay up hunting this little blood sucking fiend, everyone else is going to stay up hunting this little blood sucking fiend as well.  How she could even attempt to sleep knowing this tiny menace would be circling around waiting for you to sleep so that it could…… penetrate you, is beyond me.  I truly hate mosquitoes.

It is my firm belief that mosquito’s are either proof that there is no God, or that there is a God, but he hates us with a fiery hate that only the blood of the innocent can satisfy.

Mosquito's Suck!

I truly truly hate mosquitoes more than just about anything.  If it were in my power I would annihilate every last on of these flying abominations and damn the consequences to the environment.  The world would be better off in the long run.