The person most responsible for my degenerate love of zombies would be George Romero, hands down.

The second person most responsible for my perverse obsession with the living dead, Michael Jackson. (This was back when he was a black man instead of a white woman… It was a crazy time)

You young people don’t understand. See when I was a boy and I was walking uphill both ways in the snow, naked, with a rabid badger gnawing my nether regions (That’s how it was, kid. Believe it) MTV had just barely been created and even more shockingly they had something called “Music Videos” on it.

Then one day the “King of Pop” put out a music video called “Thriller” with dancing zombies! And I stared slack jawed at the television every time it was on. To be fair I stared at the television a lot at the time. This was preinternet meme time! Literally the stone age. No really, my family rode dinosaurs around and smacked each other with clubs.

That probably explains a lot about me really… Wow I’m old. Thank Cthulhu I’m immature so it balances out.

…. Also in my zombie webcomic either the doctor is unaware of Michael Jackson’s untimely demise, doesn’t care, or realizes that much like Elvis the “King of Pop” is still alive somewhere.