There is no such thing as an ultimate zombie fortress.  I have gone on record as saying this and I’ll say it again.  Why?  Because the story/movie/drama cannot reach a satisfying conclusion until the zombies find a way in and kill everyone.  It doesn’t matter how high your walls are or how many guns you have, the zombies are going to get you.  Don’t believe me?

Let me ask you, have you ever seen an entire zombie movie where everyone got along inside the zombie fortress, drank tea, and quietly waited for the zombie menace outside to simply go away?  That has happened probably zero times.  And if there is a movie out there like that I’m not watching it, it’s probably horribly boring.

Your stereotypical zombie movie is basically a Siege Movie/Pot Boiler story.  You have a disparate group of individuals locked up in a “Safe” location while the zombies are a constant threat on the outside to crank up the tensions on the a-hole characters within.  The a-hole characters typically make one bad decision after another as they fight and do what typical a-holes do.  Tick each other off, behave badly, and get themselves killed.

But in order for the zombie movie to reach it’s conclusion you have to somehow get the zombies inside the zombie fortress to kill every one.  If that doesn’t happen then it’s not a zombie movie it’s just an a-hole movie.  And there is enough reality television out there already to satisfy that need.

So somewhere a way has to be made for the zombies to get inside the zombie fortress.  It doesn’t matter how awesome your zombie fortress is or how secure it is the rules of bad melodrama DEMAND that somehow, someway the living dead are going to get inside and kill you.

Accept this as fact.