For the record today’s zombie comic is inspired by a weird incident I had at a gas station yesterday.  Since in addition to drawing a webcomic I like to blog about my life a bit I’ll share.

I thanked what I thought was a girl for opening the door at the gas station.  Turns out it was a dude, who did not appreciate my honest mistake.  He/she/it was less than pleased with me and flipped me off.  (That’s always amusing to me btw)  However, it’s not my fault, he had long hair, feminine features, and apparently his little sister’s clothes on.

Dude, it was an honest mistake, I’m not psychic, and if it truly bothers you cut your hair and grow a beard and wear something more manly.

Basically try to look as ruggedly manly as I do every single day of my ruggedly manly life.  (If I say ruggedly manly enough, people might believe it)

It has been suggested I should have stared at the chestal region of this individual to determine their gender…. What!  That’s madness!  Has Jerry Seinfeild taught us nothing.  Staring at Cleavage is like staring at the sun!  You get a quick glance and then you look away lest you be destroyed.  I simply was not willing to take the risk this day.  If I had perhaps tragedy could have been averted… or not.

Well it won’t be the first nor the last time I’ll offend someone.  I am aware that I’m kind of an ass.  I’m working on it.