After seeing Austin Powers I too wanted to have sharks with Frik’n laser beams attached to their heads. But how would the sharks fire them… fin power? They would never be able to reach them. Maybe they are just always on burning things as the sharks swim around the tanks. Or maybe the’re on a timer and shark has to just be patient before firing.

That makes no sense plus most sharks that I’m aware of don’t have thumbs. Of course it is possible that there is some sort of super shark out their blessed with multiple thumbs, unusually flexible fins, and a knowledge of advanced laser weaponry. Anythings possible I suppose.

You know what, sharks with frik’n laser beams attached to their heads SUDDENLY doesn’t seam practical anymore. I’ve wasted so much of my life it seams drawing up schematics for them. I feel shame now.

Well onto the next project. I’m going to weaponized box turtles by training them in the deadly ways of the ninja. Once they have mastered “The Death Touch” I will use them to become king of the world.