Can I share something with you?  We’re friends right?  I have a slightly irrational fear that the previous owners of any place I have lived have put up cameras in my house just to watch me…….. Watch me do stuff.

The rational part of my brain, while admittedly very small compared to the irrational part, knows full well that no one would ever do this.  But every time I move I have to check for hidden cameras anyway.  It’s just part of my neurosis leaking out of me I suspect.

Hollywood doesn’t help me get over this irrational fear as every time I think I’ve got it beat I watch a movie where some psycho is watching people through a hidden camera in order to satisfy his depraved cravings.  Or possibly it’s the government…. Or aliens!!!

Honestly I’m giving myself an ulcer just thinking about it.

I’m also afraid of ghosts watching me while I pee, but that’s another story for another day.