One of my favorite movies is “Return of the Living Dead.”

Great Cthulhu! I love that movie. It’s one of those guilty pleasures I can watch over and over again. In ROTLD the zombies are caused by exposure to “Trioxin” gas which in the movie was originally developed by the Darrow Chemical Company for the United States military as an herbicide to destroy marijuana plants.

Unfortunately, it has a nasty side affect of turning the dead into fast, intelligent, brain hungry zombies that cannot be killed with a head shot. It’s pretty safe to say that of all the types of zombies out there those from this movie would be one of the most dangerous.

Also it should be noted that while George Romero brought the “Pop Culture” zombie into popularity it was “Return of the Living Dead” that the idea of zombies as brain eaters came from.

If you haven’t seen this horror/comedy you really should. It’s just my opinion but I think it still holds up to this day.