As we learned in the last zombie comic when your zombie fortress fails the zombies will get in and try to kill everyone.  And they will be successful too.  And that’s when all the humans will take the opportunity to go insane.

The survivors should be rushing to the common defense and pushing back the relentless hordes of the living dead, but instead they almost always they take that moment to try to settle old scores that have been festering the entire movie.  That’s because zombie siege movies are pressure cooker movies, and the survivors are dumb.  Like really really dumb.  Usually a-holes too.

It’s kind of the plot of most reality television actually, minus the zombies.  You take a group of cranky jerks and jam them into a high stress situation where they can’t leave.  All they can do is piss each other off and ratchet up the tension.  It’s only a matter of time at that point before  they can finally vent their frustration.

Not to worry, soon the zombie fortress will fall and hijinks will ensue.   Not all rivalries and grudges are the same however, sometimes the pettiest of squabbles can lead to sticky and permanent ends to your characters lives.

Also before I get fifty people commenting that I should watch the British series “Dead Set” thanks, I’ve already seen it and I liked it.