When you’re kidnapped by your psychotic zombie ex-wife you have to expect a certain amount of discomfort… and stretching.

I’m a firm believer that pain is funny and other people’s pain is the funniest of all. Don’t believe me? How much money has the movie “Jackass 3d” made? A lot, that’s how much.

Note: I didn’t have time to obsessively scan every episode of Futurama when I wrote today’s webcomic so there is an outside possibility that it may share a line, maybe even two with an episode… somewhere. I assure you that I preemptively feel great shame over the matter and swear to commit ritual seppuku to atone for my great sin. (Pssst… no I actually wont do that)

Friday’s joke, however, will be 100% theft though. In fact I stole it from a little old lady whom I bludgeoned to death with a sack full of oranges.

Reading this the next day… yeah….. Um….  Dang it! I’m kinda being an ass with that comment.  I’m sorry, I feel bad now.  I’ll be better.

I’d change the comment, but I promised I wouldn’t do things like that.