The Innsmouth Look is something you find in H.P. Lovecraft’s Novella “A Shadow Over Innsmouth.” One of my favorite stories by the way. I love the idea of an entire town slowly changing into “Deep One’s.” Also don’t complain about spoilers, it’s not exactly a secret and the story was written in 1931.

I live in Utah, arguably one of the most landlocked states in the nation. You would think that large bodies of water wouldn’t terrify me. However, I can truthfully tell you that thanks to H.P. Lovecraft and movies like Jaws I am afraid of the ocean. There’s things in there! And they want to kill you.

Come to think of it in Max Brook’s novel “World War Z” it’s a bad idea to go swimming as zombies tend to hang around in the water. They just wonder around down there waiting to bite some poor sucker’s ankles…..

That’s it! I’m staying away from the water from now one.

In fact I’m not even going to bathe anymore. You can never be to careful. You’ll all just have to learn to enjoy my manly stink.

Glurp, The Deep One

The Cutest Deep One Of Them All!