In today’s comic the Hunters become the Hunted.

I love turning the tables on things. Predator/pray, Politician/slave, telemarketer/me… My mailman hates it of course. Especially when I tackle him and start frantically cramming envelopes into him… Wow that sounds dirty doesn’t it? Imagine the paper cuts…. IMAGINE THEM!!! Take that you civil servant.

So It gives me a ridiculous amount of joy to have the zombies raise their guns high and start hunting their human oppressors. I assure you the body count in the next zombie comic will be suitably high.

I am looking forward to the delightful amount of pain I get to put my character through. Does that make me a sociopath? The voices in my head say “No”. They do, however, say that they would like a sandwich… I must do their bidding.

Also I love that guy in the last panel… Not in a “Slappy Fun” kind of way mind you (Perverts I know what you were thinking). I just like the way I drew him. I’m going to have to find a way to write him into future comics.