I chose to do a “Voodoo” zombie for today’s comic as just doing a “Hell’s full” zombie doesn’t really look any different from the “pop culture” zombie. I needed something very distinctive for the “religious” zombie type.

Plus have you seen that movie “The Serpent and the Rainbow”? Awesome! I find Voodoo both scary and fascinating in equal measures. Plus it’s fun to draw.


Because the Internet is full of overly touchy people with too much time on their hands.
This is not the venue to share your religious beliefs or the lack thereof. I assure you, I just don’t care… No really, I don’t. I just want to talk about zombies.

Let’s settle on you’re not going to convince me and I’m not going to convince you and we can all stay friends. (I assure you, this is for the best)

Yes, I have a mountain of irrefutable proof that undeniably proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that my view is 100% right, and if I were to even let you glimpse it’s radient glory you would be converted instantly to my way of thinking…

But unfortunately I am far to lazy to show you. I’m afraid you’ll just have to wallow in ignorance. I just can’t be bothered to hit copy and paste. (Sadness)