When you run out of the best of the best you end up with the best of what’s left.

After a while during a zombie apocalypse your quality of zombie hunters is going to suffer somewhat due to attrition.  Eventually you’re going to end up scraping the bottom of the barrel.  Then it’s up to regular slobs to fight the zombies, people like,… well people like me.

Of course as I’ll be secretly (Or not so secretly) rooting for the zombies you may not want to fight side by side with me.  At any moment I may decide the battle is hopeless and throw myself to the hungry zombie horde.  I won’t lie, at that point I’m probably going to take you with me.  It’s just what I do.


BTW.  That guy with the Samuria sword… He may not look like it, but I assure you, get a couple Redbulls in him and he’s a badass with that thing.