I can’t stand arguing with people online, it seams utterly pointless and just a massive waste of time.  I have friends however, who really seem to enjoy it.  They discuss religion, politics, science, whatever.  There’s no taboos they don’t talk about.  One thing seems pretty consistent though.  At no time ever does any of their arguments actually manage to sway the other person to their point of view.

So if you are just going to argue with strangers for the point of arguing I just can’t do it.  I don’t have time for that sort of verbal masturbation.

Well I’ll be damned, looks like I fell for a joke, got all bent out of shape about it and made a post…… Just like all the people I claim to hate so much.   Aaaaaarrrrrggg Cursed Irony.  This is why I should continue my policy of keeping my fool mouth shut.

Oh well, I refuse to delete all the stupid things I say so below is proof that I’m an idiot.  Apparently Michele Backmann didn’t say such stupid things.  That’s a relief because I had lost all faith in humanity.

Begin me falling for a joke here…..

I did almost get sucked into one of these debates yesterday though.  It would seem that Steven Hawking, one of the most brilliant human beings to ever live is rethinking some of his theories about black holes.  Prof Stephen Hawking: ‘There are NO black holes’ – they’re GREY!

That doesn’t sound too bad.  The man is revising his theories about shit that most of us can barely understand.  Yeah science right?  Apparently wrong, as Michele Backman is using this as an excuse to discredit science in general and discredit a man who is her intellectual superior many many many times over.

Here’s some quotes of what this mental titan said.


I hate things I can’t understand.. Turns out that’s everything.

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Dr. Stephen Hawking’s recent statement that the black holes he famously described do not actually exist underscores “the danger inherent in listening to scientists,” Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota) said today.

I would think the dangers inherent to listening to Michele Bachmann would be far far greater.

Rep. Bachmann unleashed a blistering attack on Dr. Hawking, who earlier referred to his mistake on black holes as his “biggest blunder.”

Don’t worry Mr. Hawking hundreds of years from now people will still be reading about you.  No one will remember Michele’s name twenty years from now.

“Actually, Dr. Hawking, our biggest blunder as a society was ever listening to people like you,” said Rep. Bachmann. “If black holes don’t exist, then other things you scientists have been trying to foist on us probably don’t either, like climate change and evolution.”

Yep that’s how science works.  If you have to rethink one of your theories it imminently invalidates all the rest of science everywhere.

Rep. Bachmann added that all the students who were forced to learn about black holes in college should now sue Dr. Hawking for a full refund. “Fortunately for me, I did not take any science classes in college,” she said.

Bachmann never took any science classes in college….. Yeah no shit.  We can’t have any of that science stuff challenging all the crazy goodness fermenting in that brain of her’s.

Bachmann’s anti-Hawking comments seemed to be gaining traction on Capitol Hill, as seen from the statement by Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), Chairman of the House Science Committee, who said, “Going forward, members of the House Science Committee will do our best to avoid listening to scientists.”

They will of course continue to use their computers, phones, modern medicine, fly on planes, etc….. All of which were created by magic and work through the principles of said magic.


Look you can believe whatever you want.  I’m not arguing a pro or anti science, religion, politics point here.  My apathy for these subjects runs deep and true.  I only have one thing that I’m arguing today and it’s very specific.  I’m arguing that Michele Bachman specifically is a moron.  She is a crazy embarrassment to the human race and almost everything that comes out of her mouth should be taken with a massive pinch of salt.

To leap on Stephen Hawking like this so you can very obviously shoehorn your own ideas on the air again is more than a little pathetic.

….And here’s where I come to my senses.  Awesome.  I must remember to check my sources better next time.